Actress Nkechi Blessing Dated Me For Money, Sex – Estranged Lover

Opeyemi Falegan, the estranged lover of Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing, has alleged that the actress dated him only for his money and sex.

The Ekiti-born aspiring politician made this statement in an Instagram video interview with Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, on Friday morning.

The actress, in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, however, denied the allegation.

“She came into my life for two things, money and sex. You know I have a foundation that takes care of the widows and the less privileged which I started when I lost my dad,” Mr Falegan said.

“These were some of the reasons she came into my life. she knew I was a philanthropist, she knew I normally give these people alms within my capacity.”

Mr Falegan said the actress was desperately in need of a child and had drained him financially.

He said: “When she came into my life, I had to make her understand that it’s not all about making babies. I said let me meet your people, and you should meet my people too.”

“It doesn’t work that way, be a proper wife but before you could be a proper wife you need to work on your pose, your pose is the way you talk to people, the way you carry yourself.”

He claimed that the actress wanted to keep up with her social status as an actress and a celebrity riding on his wealth, and it had cost him a fortune.

Mr Falegan said he encouraged the actress to work on herself before he could formally marry her.

“She does not have good communication skills and she promised to work on those things,” he said.

The Lagos experience

Mr Falegan narrated an experience he had with the actress, which he said he found distasteful.

“When I came to Lagos, I was very happy that I was coming to see my wife. Luckily she treated me with a very nice surprise which I loved but unfortunately after the party the next day, I couldn’t believe what happened and she insulted my whole life, she insulted my whole entirety.”

“I felt within myself for how long will I keep managing a behaviour I think is inappropriate and unacceptable. So I told her, `I’m sorry, give me space, go and work on yourself.’”


Mr Falegan and Nkechi Blessing were believed to have been married.

Fans got the impression that they were already a couple when she posted their supposed wedding pictures on his birthday, June 10, 2021,

However, the relationship took a different turn on Wednesday, when the actress and her estranged lover took to social media calling each other unprintable names.

In his post on Friday, Mr Falegan debunked the news that he was married to the actress.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the actress, she dismissed his allegations, saying he did not even have a job.

Nkechi admitted that they were not formally married but alleged that a lot of lies were being peddled by her ex-lover, a situation she said she can not cope with anymore.

“When we started our relationship, he told me that I should not have expectations meaning he doesn’t have money as such but he told me that he has enough to take care of himself and me. So, I said okay, because I wasn’t even looking for a rich man because I am not lazy either. But along the line, I discovered he doesn’t even have a job.

“I always tell people, I can date anybody and together we would together build an empire. At first, he told me he was a Royal Air Force but I discovered it was all lies. He only bought the uniform and did a photoshoot with me.

“Initially, a lady hinted to me about all these, but I didn’t believe but when I discovered there were a lot of lies in the relationship, I had to take a walk.

“When I confronted him about the lies, he confirmed to be keeping things away from me which means there are other things he might be keeping away from me.

“Halfway into the relationship, I discovered three women have four kids for him. He met one in Ado-Ekiti, another in London and one other woman. I thought of all of these and I discovered that I can’t just continue.

Asked about her alleged bad communication skill, Nkechi confirmed that her ex-lover once complained about that.

“Truly he spoke about it. I don’t really know how to communicate gently especially when I am angry just like I am already getting angry now. But when somebody who claimed to love spoke about something like that one should try to change,” she said.

On the allegation that she clung to Mr Falegan because of his philanthropic nature, Nkechi referred our reporter to the Instagram account of Unicef Nigeria (Unicef_Nigeria) where Mr Falegan was accused of trying to scam the international humanitarian body.


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