Bandits Vow To Kill Zamfara College Students, Staff Without N350m Ransom (Video)

The group of bandits that kidnapped 15 students, four staff members, and a dispatch rider at the College of Agriculture and Animal Science, Bakura, Zamfara State, has given a 24-hour ultimatum for the payment of N350m ransom or they kill the abductees.

In a 30-second video obtained by FIJ on Wednesday, the masked bandits were seen holding guns to the heads of their abductees.

FIJ learnt that the bandits transmitted the video around 10 pm on Tuesday through the phone of one of the kidnapped students.

“They recorded the video using the phone of one of the kidnapped students and sent it to his contacts on Whatsapp,” a source said.

“Peace be unto you all. You can all see the situation we are in! We’ are the students of Zamfara College of Agriculture and Animal Sciences Bakura that were kidnapped. As you can see, we are being threatened with death by them unless the government does something about it in 24 hours.

“They have taken us to where they deposited the corpses of those they kidnapped in Yarkofoji community and they confirmed to us that if the government fails to take action from now to tomorrow morning…”

While he was speaking, one of the bandits, brandishing his AK 47 gun, kept saying “Yes, see it here we mean it. Everyone should see it here. It’s not a lie. Yes we mean it.”

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