Cynthia Morgan accuses DJ Cuppy of lying about her dad gifting her £5m house

Nigerian Dancehall queen, Cynthia Morgan has subtly called DJ Cuppy a liar after she disclosed that she received a country home from her billionaire father, Femi Otedola, as a birthday gift.


She celebrated her 30th birthday on Friday, November 11 2022 without an extravagant party but there was a surprise.

However, Cuppy’s father decided to surprise her by giving her a country home in UK worth £5 million.

In reaction, Cynthia Morgan also known as Madrina alleged that Cuppy planned the lie with her father.

She used an internet slang ‘cap’, which social media users often post while accusing someone of lying about something.

Morgan said, ”Dj Cappy has turned her dad into a cap-tain”.

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