Ghanaian lady calls out sister’s boyfriend for ‘japa’ing’ to U.S. to marry another woman to secure citizenship

A Ghanaian man has been called out by his ex-girlfriend’s sister for relocating and getting married to another woman in the United States.


She said the guy had been dating her sister in Ghana but he got visa to America and when he eventually left, he tied the knot with someone else just a month later.

According to the lady, when she confronted him about it, he confessed that he did so in a bid to get American citizenship papers.


She wrote; ”My sister was dating this man in Ghana. He got visa to America and within a month, he married another lady. So, when I confronted him about it, he said he did it for papers.”

Meanwhile, in a post on her Facebook page, the lady also dragged the guy for doing her family wrong.

She wrote; ”You don’t do people wrong like that!! One thing I know I don’t joke with my family !! I don’t

Please nobody should like this post!! I didn’t post for likes. What the hell is wrong with men this days!!

You date someone and when opportunity comes for you to travel you marry another person within month. Asaaa what kind of Evil do we live in. ”

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