Guests gift bundles of cash to camera man at event after finding out he worked as gateman for 8 years

A camera man has gone home with huge blessings he never expected to get when he went to work at a comedy show.

He was one of the videographers at comedian, Destalker’s show when his life story was shared during a stage performance.

Destalker revealed that the camera guy worked as a security man for eight years but he switched due to frustration.

Moved by the story, attendees brought out stacks of money and handed them over to the camera man.

He learnt how to operate a camera professionally and eventually went into the field with a unique style.

The cameraman decided to stand out from the rest by wearing his security outfit while carrying out his job as a videographer at events.

In a video making the rounds online, he could be seen walking round the venue to collect the monies after Destalker told him to go and meet benefactors.

”Oya go meet people, I don insult you into prosperity,” Destalker told him.

Watch the video below:

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