He Rejected Me Because I Was Ugly — Lady Shares Transformation Photos (Video)

A lady has shared a transformation video after revealing that she was rejected for being ugly.


TikTok user Dorothy Cornelius @dorothycorneliusa shared before-and-after snaps of herself, showing how she looked a few years back versus now.

According to Dorothy, she was rejected for being a tomboy and also loud.

Below are some of the reactions:

Baby Rihanna wrote:

“Wow, I have been liking your videos and I didn’t know you completed my school.”
CillaBioh20 responded:

“We excel.”
Nana Kwame said:

“This is the best I’ve seen so far.”
Vera Naa kai replied:

“This is madd.”
Dolly D commented:

“You are beautiful️.”
namina263 wrote:

“She has been beautiful since eiii…”
user9442087237270 remarked:

“This transition hits harder.”

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