“Hon. Azuka Okwuosa Was Offered N2 Billion To Quit Anambra Governorship Race”

Controversy has already begun to rise as the 2021 gubernatorial elections in Anambra state draws closer. Aspirants, stakeholders, and significant party members are quickly orchestrating means to eliminate strong party oppositions early enough in the race. Hon Azuka Okwuosa recently took to his Twitter page to state that no amount of money would make him relent in his pursuit to fix Anambra. It is believed that he was offered a large sum of money in a bid to lure him out of the Anambra governorship race.

The above assumption is founded on the premise of a recent discovery by IGBERE TV that one of the governorship aspirants for the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the person of Hon Azuka Okwuosa, was offered a large sum of money to step out of the governorship race. Sources have it that he was recently offered a whooping sum of 2 Billion Naira (N2,000,000,000.00) to quit his pursuit of the governorship seat of the south-eastern state.

Reliable intel from his campaign team revealed that Hon Azuka Okwuosa took this offer as an insult to his personality and a misguided test of his integrity. In the process of rejecting the offer made to him, Hon Okwuosa rained abuses on the representative of the offeror whose identity remains hidden. He used the opportunity to assure members of his team that he remains unphased by the attempt of the opposition to excuse him from his governorship aspirations. He iterates that now, more than ever, he will give his best to ensure that only a man of reputable character would ascend the governorship seat in November.

Clear indications have shown that the ruling party is on her toes owing to Okwuosa’s determination to ensure the development of the people and the state. His party endorsement and approvals are through the roofs, and the excitement and anticipation towards his victory in the primaries are intense.

Reports of the bribery of promising aspirants out of an electoral race are not uncommon in the Nigerian political space. However, the recent incidence in Anambra state has two significant implication that would eventually influence the outcome of the gubernatorial election in November.

The first implication would be that stakeholders within and outside the party consider Hon Okwuosa a strong opposition for the governorship. An early exit of the top APC even before the party primaries in June would be to the advantage of other aspirants who are most likely less suitable for the Anambra electorate. The unfolding happenings could also mean that alternative means could still be employed to eliminate him from the governorship race.

Hon Okwuosa’s rejection of the offer could also imply that he is not in the race to achieve a selfish agenda. His acclaimed quest to fix the deplorable situation of the state has gained some credence. It also proves him to be a man of character and integrity—the kind of man required to lead the state into the new phase.

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