How to Get Sponsored as a Sports Influencer

Do you know that Cristiano Ronaldo charges a whopping $2m for just one sponsored Instagram

Well, Ronaldo is a game-changing sports influencer with millions of followers and enthusiasts on telecomasia staking on him to score critical goals in games he plays.

But the sports influencer marketing cake is not reserved only for Ronaldo. You, too, can enjoy a generous slice of the cake.
Of course, it is the golden age of influencer marketing. The industry, in general, has grown exponentially from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $15 billion in 2022.

Indeed, with brands projected to spend $27.4 billion on influencer sponsorships this year, it has become imperative to build your sports influencer brand to attract some of these mouthwatering
sponsorship deals.

How do you achieve this?
Define your sports influencer brand
Remember the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”?

This is so true in sports influencer marketing. Big brands prefer sponsoring influencers with highly defined sports audiences –not all-rounders producing generic content on a multiplicity of

Avoid the temptation to cover just any sports and streamline your content to a specific game.
Below are some of the five most popular sports niches to focus on:

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Cricket
  4. Rugby
  5. Golf

Pick one niche and commit all your resources to building an audience there. The more specialized your audience is, the higher you tend to charge.

According to Vox, a micro-influencer with barely 10,000 followers can make up to $100,000 annually if they can build a niched and highly engaged audience.

Post consistently and tirelessly
If you were Lionel Messi, perhaps your audience would forgive you for posting once in a blue moon.

But for a budding sports influencer eagerly eyeing sponsorships, you need to engage
your audience consistently.
Posting frequency depends on the platform you are building your influencer presence.

Some experts recommend posting 2-3 times weekly on Instagram.
We need not remind you that content quality is more important than content quantity.

There are few quicker ways to destroy your sports influencer brand than overloading your audience’s newsfeeds with lifeless content.
Keep your sports content fascinating and innovative.

The more you introduce new sports-related concepts to your audience, the more endeared they get with you. Leverage trending hashtags and songs
Trending hashtags and songs are an accelerated channel for building your audience as a sports

Integrating trending music works excellently on platforms like TikTok. This makes your content way more discoverable.

You can quickly source the trending sounds from the “For You” Page.
Similarly, strive to maximize trending hashtags on Instagram. Instagram’s Explore Page is one
powerful destination for sourcing such hashtags.

Do you know that adding just one hashtag to your Instagram post can increase interactions by

Now get the word out
You have put so much work into building your sports influencer brand and engaging your audience. It wouldn’t hurt to let the major sports-facing brands know what you offer, right?

Take the initiative and pitch businesses in the sports, fitness, and wellness industry about sponsorship opportunities. Remember, you are likely one of many influencers wooing these

So you want to keep your pitches as concise and actionable as possible. Particularly, be honest
with your engagement rates and be specific about your rates.

Of course, not every business will be appropriate for your influencer brand.

Here are three questions to ask when choosing sports companies to pitch:
● Does the company’s values align with my brand values?
● Will their product deliver optimal value to my audience?
● Can the company expand my influence?
Remember, don’t excitedly sign any deal a brand offers you. Be keen enough to scrutinize the
delicate details.

Once signed, endorsement deals become legally binding, meaning the brand can sue you for
infringements on service delivery.
This brings an important question to mind: are there legal risks for influencers?
Let us answer this judiciously.
Legal implications of becoming an influencer?

Yes, while sports influencer marketing is a burgeoning space, regulators are beginning to cast a
keener eye on the industry.
This means just not everything can be negligently swept under the carpet in the name of
influencer marketing.

More specifically, sports influencers are now being held accountable for the credibility of the
products they sponsor and the type of endorsement they sign with brands.
If you, as a sports influencer, promotes dubious sports products or illicit schemes, your audience
is legally empowered to take you to court and demand compensation.

Similarly, if you compromise the privacy and copyrights of products you use in your influencer
campaigns, you can also be prosecuted.

That said, influencer marketing is a promising industry ripe for you to dive into. With businesses
earning $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencers, we expect to see more brands and sports
influencers working together in the following years.
To get lucrative sponsorship deals, the first step, as we advocated, is to specialize and define
your audience.

After that, ensure you are posting premium quality sports content frequently and unfailingly
engaging your audience. Ultimately, you want to reach out to brands to explore paid
sponsorship opportunities.

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