‘I Killed TB Joshua In A Spiritual Battle’ – Ghanaian Traditional Priest (Video)

Popular Ghanaian traditional priest, Kwaku Bonsam, claims he is behind the death of Nigeria’s most influential preacher, Prophet TB Joshua.

The founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), died on Saturday, May 5, 2021 – one week before his 58th birthday.

While many are mourning over his passing, several others are excited as some have even accused him of misleading his followers with his controversial teachings, healings, and miracles.

For Kwaku Bonsam, it’s a time for jubilation because he has defeated TB Joshua in a spiritual battle.

In a video circulating on social media, he’s heard saying that he gave TB Joshua a 10-year ultimatum to live, after which he will deal with him.

“TB Joshua tried to kill me spiritually. He said he was going to fight me in the spiritual realm after I accused him of killing late President John Atta Mills. When I said this many people came after me for attacking a man of God.”

“I gave him a 9 to 10-year ultimatum that I will show him that only God can judge me on this earth. We went into a spiritual contest and I won that battle.”

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  1. Only God knows what happened to his son prophet tb Joshua,u don’t have the right to accused him, cause God is watching u,only God can judge us.

  2. The man of God is gone home to rest with the Lord after a very hectic labour of faith in the vineyard, every cockroach and rat will want to glory over it shame to the davil he had lost this one.

  3. In God will trust, if you like seen
    whatever you wanted but God kwons better. Lily

  4. I believe that nobody can the lcon TB Joshua
    God him self take his beloved soul not from any spiritual power,
    So Kwaku Bonsam is a lier

  5. Just believed in God give God take
    And you nonsense man that u are there jubilating win
    Remember, last day shall tell just continued run your mouth idiot, can you replaced him?

  6. The reason I don’t like ghanians…. always comparing themselves with Nigerians, this man is a perfect example…. desperate for attention ☹️☹️

  7. Batting with the MOG and clamming to win the fight,even posting live videos of your domestic lies.
    Well as we all know that everything of the devil is fales
    So just know you are fighting with God not him.
    Nobody can’t tell why

  8. That fool need to be arrested by Nigerian government.Let him come out openly and tell us where did he got his own power from

  9. That fool need to be arrested by Nigerian government.Let him come out and tell us where he got his own power from.

  10. If he died don’t say u are the person that killed him because U don’t have the power is only God that has power

  11. U can’t say u killed him it’s only God that knows what happen yo him
    And if ur power is mightier than God’s own why can’t u save the world from the things their facing

  12. How did the Joshua got started his ministry and how does the native doc started, am very sorry in everything because God is watching everyone, let have a close look because the end will justifies the means

  13. Who are you to kill T.V Joshua, a prophet from Almighty God, you are a liar and people will jubilate over your death this year.

  14. After all pointu d.pilate killed Jesus and we observed his end, no one will go without passing through death…..no jubilation in another man’s demise.

  15. Hmmm let God the omnipotent do his will what is dis haberlist saying?,the question is dis,no be him claimed say he give dis prophet power?,can devil fight himself? If happened yes DAT devil is a bastard.

  16. A big lies, You can’t kill him and was a God sent to propergate gospel and be doing good.You know the mean of ‘Emmanuel’God with him. He wanted to gain popularity so that more people will say there is no God and people continue to patronize him for spiritual help.

  17. Am speechless right now nobody knows dis man nd his claiming he is d one dat kill papa i don’t believe him papa can nt b kill my an unknown person like dis man God his d one who call him,so don’t mind dis person papa RIP.

  18. Whatever that happened if God did not permit it it will not happen. If he said he kill him and the world of God says we shall not kill then you have a case of munder on your head before Almighty God.

  19. Whether you did or u didn’t it doesn’t change God’s own plan no one touches the Prophet n goes free is between u and God

    • You said that you are the one who gave him power. He was healing,preaching the word of God and doing a lot of good things to many. Let me ask you this,are you a Christian,how many men of God that you gave this your power to and why are not popular like T B Joshua ?

  20. U can never ever defeat him u Reached,nd disgusting beast.
    We all know is wickedness nd forbidden things DAT burn u like dis u ugly ape ,animal
    May God punish u nd ur evil did amen
    In Jesu’s name Amen.

  21. God why do you aloud people to mock your son’s, God will need your intervention in this case now, show your people reality behind tb Joshua death.

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