I Learnt Valuable Lesson Planning My Mother’s Burial – Don Jazzy Opens Up

Don Jazzy, the popular Nigerian producer and Mavin boss, has shared one valuable lesson that he has learnt from his mother’s demise.

He said as he compiled the list to send out invites, he realised most of the names were people they’ve not spoken to or seen in ages.


Jazzy said though he mourns these family people do not call to check up on him.

He spoke about this while in his studio with one of his signees, Johnny Drille and Mavin DJ Big N.

Johnny on his part said many people don’t bother to check on their friends and loved ones just because they are able to view their posts often on social media.

Then DJ added that quite a number of people who post on social media may not necessarily be happy despite having made post to create the opposite impression.

Consequently, all three agreed individuals need to do better by checking up on friends and loved ones regularly and not wait till sad news breaks to reach out to them or theirs.

Captioning his post, the ‘Dorobucci’ singer revealed they made a song to help people connect and get in touch with each other.

“Learnt a valuable lesson recently about how as much we think we see each other all the time on social media, we are actually so distant from each other.

“We are so out of touch with how our loved ones are really doing. We don’t call enough anymore to check up on ourselves.

“GOD forbid the only time we get to do that is when something bad happens. We can do better. So we made a beautiful song that could help you get in touch. This is a just a start”, he wrote.



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