If Anything Happens To Me, Hold Gov Bala Mohammed Responsible – Gov Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has alleged a threat to his life and has said that his Bauchi State counterpart, Bala Mohammed, should be held responsible if anything happens to him, Naija360.ng reports.

Governor Ortom made the accusation while briefing journalists in Makurdi, Benue State capital, on Monday, February 22. His accusation comes barely a week after Governor Mohammed accused him of being behind the hatred against Fulanis in Nigeria. Governor Mohammed also threw his weight behind herdsmen who go around carrying AK47 rifles.

Speaking at the press conference this afternoon, Governor Ortom accused Governor Mohammed of supporting illegal arms wielding foreign herdsmen.

“I want to think that, with what he said and what those herdsmen wrote to me and said that they were going to assassinate me, Bala Mohammed is also part of it, with what he has said.

And if anything happens to me, I don’t want anybody to be in doubt, Bala Mohammed should be held responsible. Especially his last week outing after the condemnable remarks he made about Fulani carrying AK-47 and living anywhere in Nigeria.

He came back to say Ortom is responsible for the hatred against Fulani men and I regard this as a way of vilifying me and profiling me towards assassination. He wants to instigate the Fulani people against me. I am not against Fulani people, they are in Benue State and they remain here,” Ortom said.

He called on Governor Mohammed to render an unreserved apology to Nigerians for comment which has been condemned by many Nigerians

“I think the governor of Bauchi State, my brother, Governor Bala Mohammed should just come out and apologise to Nigerians,” Governor Ortom said.

Se video below.


  1. The only thing that can set a Man free is the truth ur Excellency continue saying the truth nothing will happen to u.The almighty is with u no Man can crush u.

  2. Dear bala Mohammed you are not worth to be governor of a state while because you lack merits in your word’s, you better shut up and remains in your locality and a disgrace to Nigeria’s

  3. Pls governor, don’t wait for anything to happen to you then you expect your people to ask your accused. Then it will be too late because nothing shall be done. Do something in your life time. But why can’t you have the freedom to express your mind or speak for your people. He who wears the shoes knows the pains not another. God shall protect you.

  4. Governor, pls don’t wait to die and expect your people to ask your accused. Then it will be late because nothing shall happen. Act now that you are alive. But don’t you have the right to speak for your people? He who wears the shoes knows where it pinges, not another. God shall keep you.

  5. What is wrong with this man bala Mohammed, so gov.samuel can not express his feelings about what fulani are killing people in benue state, fulanis came and killed over three hundred people a night in benue you people didn’t see it,just because gov. Samuel said they ban fulanis from carrying ak47 & you bala Mohammed saying gov.ortum hate fulanis, God will push you,kill your generation & the one to come, you evil supporters.his excellency keep preaching truth don’t stop even at the point death, the living God is with you always. God bless you sir

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