Igboho And His Wife Look Pale In Cotonou Court – Eyewitness

Self-styled Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho and his wife, Rope are before the Court D’Apeal of Cotonou following the international arrest warrant issued against the former.

Vanguard learnt many of the supporters, who did not know when the Yoruba rights activist arrived in court, trooped into the courtroom to see him.

According to eyewitness account, Igboho and his wife, Ropo looked pale as they await hearing.

The court is expected to debate on the international arrest warrant issued against him.

If it is found to be in order, he’ll be extradited.

But if the warrant is defective from the legal or administrative angle, he’ll be referred before the prosecutor.

It was also learnt that since Igboho did not commit any of the alleged crimes in Benin Republic, the prosecutor will determine the next steps.

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  1. only god can save this country. buhari is a disgrace to africa leaders. boko haram killing, rapping young ladies and bandits are controlling many local government in the north buhari has no solution to stop the criminals activities. sunday igboho is not a criminal he defending his own people. god will unsit buhari this in jesus name

  2. Sunday igboho is not a bad human being like the people In the forest calling boko Haram who they where invited to this country from same apc buhari and his planning crews to evacuate nigeria, sheikh gunmi, shekau,and many of then in the northern territory,bandit is every past of the country,hungry,suffer and smelling, no work, no economy, no planning for youths future development, apc take the all nations money another country, citizenship don’t have any right people are smoking all around the country, more prostitute are the main work for our female, everyday for house everyday for bus,everyday for road everyday for same food everyday higher prices no free things,everything is hard cultists become a job in nigeria no job no freedom of speech, this country is wazobia I dodon’t know what is fulani short of word ( please Mr Sunday adeyemo safe) mi clen clen/ I’m from benin republic but I grew up in lagos

  3. God is d God of truth, I think Professor Wole Soyinka provecy are coming to pass over Nigeria Government concerned this mater, our two eyes are open down to see to the end of the matter.

  4. If Mr president misbehaving to Sunday igboho that mis he use method to create boko haram in yoruba nation, Yoruba peoples we have to very carefully in this country oooo.

  5. Nigeria is one and it will remain one. Mr President and all of you that are advising Him, should know that what you sow on earth, that is what you’ll reap. Either you’re a Christian or a Muslim. If at all there is justice and equity in this country, there wouldn’t have been any agitation. Check yourselves before casting the first stone.

  6. Allow this men to leave, is that why you a president? Go and fight those that is killing your people, allow to enjoy our resources, allow peace to be every where in our country Nigeria please Mr president, we are dieying of sufring in this country nigeria, Mr president is now fighting us for the fullanies through talk, Mr Sunday igboho and Mr Nnadi Kali should be released, we love you all the yoruba

  7. What’s your problem, igboho is a man who can speak and stsnd for for the nation, this is not a stilling or robring problem, he I a citizing of Nigeria and he have right to speak out his mind, then why will the president declear him wanted? What about the the trillions of the fulanies those that leave with the cow, who is not from nigeria the you Mr president order that the should come into our country nigeria, and immediately the they are through with their indoor planes, they will start distróing humans,borning Nigeria city’s and villages, killing people just the way dey like, and our Mr president will not intrude for peace to raing, just because you want to please the fullanies, OK now who are the fullanies in Nigeria, we want to know. You have never hot the killer of the fullany bokoharam like this before, so what are you trying to call us in our country now? Benin republic should ask Mr president this. The fullanies should go back to their country ninja, for God save, sunday igboho and nnadi kalu they are for justice, Benin republic should prival in this, the other time Cameron chace bokoharam out of Cameron, but now we have lost so much soder just for this peariod is of bokoharam, else men, bandits, and unnon gon men, what’s going on in this country Nigeria, don’t leave Mr Sunday igboho for Nigerians he has already be in your custody, the ball is in your court work for Chris am pleading the president and his follower of the Benin republic, we love you. Be blessed

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