“I’ll Follow Wizkid Home for Two Weeks If He Attends My Wedding” – Lady Vows

A young Nigerian woman has vowed to go home with singer, Wizkid for two weeks if he mistakenly attends her wedding.

The controversial statement means that the lady is ready to abandon her husband to warm the singer’s bed.

However, Nigerians who are not happy with the comment have atttacked her.

The Twitter user in question has been identified as @IamKylaSamuel.

”If Wizkid comes to my wedding, I’ll follow him home and see my husband after 2 weeks,” she wrote.

See comments below:

@Tey194; “You’d be surprised to discover your the late comer cos your husband would have followed him before you even thought of it.”

@iamkvngsamx; “Why exactly are people pained over this tweet? Even the husband will follow wizkid home y’all should rest.”

@PRJIMMY9; “And that why you will not get married”

@of_idoma; “You may not meet him at the place you left him two weeks ago ,probably forever”

@abdulgafarl wrote: “If I am ur husband I will ask u to better stay there for life if only he will have u for life”

@Daniloofficialz; “Me as ur husband… But don’t forget to bring back 10 million when you’re back”

@ganry20; “Imagine your future husband seeing your tweets? then you say “its just a tweet” . basically you showing the world who you really are.This is how companies make money from your thoughts and cravings online. but its not that deep right ?”

@agiamlie; “Not twitter pips digging this up when you post your wedding pictures.”

@zonas_i_am; “Bold of you to think you’d still have a husband after the 2wks.”

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