Insecurity: “Allah Will Punish You” If You Don’t Return Nigeria To How You Met It — Sheikh Tells Buhari

According to Khalid, the Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, said God will punish Buhari if he fails to return Nigeria to the state in which he found it.

Before Buhari took control, Nigeria was free of banditry, according to the cleric.

During his speech, the Imam warned Buhari that if he fails to fight bandits, Allah will punish him.

In a viral video, the Imam said, “Go and tell the President that under his government, some group of people are issuing threats to local communities, demanding that they should be paid some amounts of money or face attack.

“And they would gather the money and announce publicly on the BBC that they (bandits) would be paid this Friday [to avoid attack].

“Tell the president that there is a country we pay allegiance to, and there is a part of the country we do not know, which is governed by bandits.

“The president should either return the country as one nation where bandits are not killing people anyhow — just the way he took over, or Allah (God) will deal with him.”

Banditry has been on the rise in the country lately.

In the northern region of the country, schools and worship centers have been frequent targets of bandits.

Several students and religious leaders have been kidnapped and slain by these bandits, while others have been released after large ransoms have been paid.

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