IPOB Are Thieves Promoting Terrorism, Loot — Buhari

IPOB, led by Nnamdi Kanu, is accused by Buhari of being thieves who promote terrorism.

IPOB, according to the president, is not defending Christians in the Southeast.

According to NAN, the president decried the group’s attack on police stations and government buildings in the Southeast in a statement released by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

The Kanu-led group, according to Buhari, are not freedom fighters.

The statement reads partly: “Further afield in the South-East, IPOB are not struggling for freedom when they attack police stations and property, but rather committing acts of terrorism,” to steal money.

“IPOB is not defending Christians, as their highly paid foreign lobbyists claim when almost every citizen of those states they terrorize is uniformly Christian.”

The president also appealed to Nigerians to unite against, “those who seek to divide us for their own nefarious financial and political gain.”


  1. If that statement is from ur mouth,the God of Abraham will expose ur secret one day.What of the Fulanis ur brothers.

  2. destruction is coming on this country Nigeria, God is going to intervene soon, believe you me

  3. Buhari is a very big disgrace to this zoo country called Nigeria let Igbos go to their promises land what is ur problem??

  4. Wawa uwarkace. We don’t need Igbo in our country this is Nigerian not Enugu and after Bihari na him son YUSUF and after him death his son well replace him Nigeria is Hausa Fulani

  5. Buhari is a flush president I have never seen in any country discribing fulani headers as as just people looking for land and water, thank God his son usef has got married with a short time the death of innocent citizen of this country that his father is killing using The fulani headers must distry this new family of his son and their inter generations let watch and see.

  6. leave all those tout they will witness Biafra in there really life and shame will be their

  7. The terrorists are in Aso Rock unleashing terror on the Christians and Igbos. They have a well defined agenda, Islamization and Fulanization of Nigeria.

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