Lasisi Elenu Shows Off Pregnant Fiancee, Rants About Her Pregnancy Urges

Comedian Lasisi Elenu has come out to rant about his Fiancee’s pregnancy urges as they both showed off her baby bump. The duo of Nosa Afolabi(Lasisi) and Nonso Adika got engaged a few months ago and are expecting their first child together.

Thought those stories of pregnant women having ritualist and Ogbanje cravings were mere tales. My brothers, my sisters, I say unto you. It is not o.
Forget this video wey we dey do like normal human being, nothng is normal. I repeat nothing is normal. This woman’s urges dey always fear me.
Because how can, how can someone want to just take a drive to a “filling station” to smell fuel. Abeg na Yamaha generator dey your belle?
Shout out to all the mothers and pregnant women.

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