Man shares shocking video-story of mad man who visits little girl at a shop everyday

A Nigerian man has stirred reactions by sharing a story of the unexplainable actions of a mentally unstable man.

He took to TikTok and uploaded a video of the mad man interacting with a little girl at a provision store.


According to the guy with handle @kingoflies12, he noticed that the mentally challenged man comes to visit the girl at that same shop on a daily basis before going about his daily routine.

The mad man could be heard saying something incomprehensible as he tried to interact with the kid.


The TikToker believes that there is more to his frequent visits than what meets the eye, suggesting that the mad-man may have something to tell the child.

Social media users doubted his claim, so he waited till another day and posted a new video showing the mad man approaching the shop as he searched for the little girl.

Watch the video below:

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