Man surprises actress girlfriend by proposing to her in the middle of movie shoot (Video)

A beautiful Nigerian actress was hit with a huge shocker when her boyfriend proposed to her on a movie set.

She was in the middle of a shoot with her colleagues, when he showed up with a saxophonist and went down on his knees while holding a ring.

His girlfriend, who was deeply involved in her acting, was unaware of what was happening because she was blindfolded.

However, when the blindfold was taken off, she stayed in character and continued screaming while trying to run away without seeing her man on his knees.

At some point, the woman playing her mother in the movie drew her attention to her man who stayed on his knees throughout most of her dramatic display.

On realising what was happening, the actress covered her mouth in shock and was moved to emotions.

The saxophonist serenaded the surprised lady who eventually said Yes to her boyfriend’s proposal.

Watch the video below:


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