[Match Highlights] Liverpool 0-1 Burnley || EPL 2021

That’s the end of Liverpool’s long unbeaten run in the Premier League at Anfield! A sequence that stretched all the way back to April 2017 is finally over after 69 games! Alisson engages the referee in a token argument over the penalty, but a grim-faced Klopp comes across to usher him away.

Liverpool were appalling tonight … but they were only as good as Burnley allowed them to be. Sean Dyche’s team were magnificent to a man, and fully deserved the win.

The three precious points they’ve earned launch them into 16th place, two points ahead of Brighton on 19, with a game in hand. As for Liverpool? They remain in fourth, six off Manchester United’s lead, Spurs and Everton breathing down their necks, and still without a Premier League goal in 2021.

A season to concentrate on the cups, perhaps? Sunday’s game at Old Trafford suddenly gets even bigger.

Watch Highlight Below;


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