Moment lady got robbed while on date with man who couldn’t do anything (Watch video)


A smooth robbery incident perpetrated against a lady in Rome, Italy was captured on tape and shared on social media.


The young woman was on a date with a man, though it is yet to be ascertained if he was her lover or not.

They were having lunch in an open air restaurant and she hung her pause on the chair she was sitting on.


A man casually walked up behind her and acted as if he wanted to sit down, but he just stylishly lifted her purse and walked away.

In a video posted online, she was not able to see what happened because she backed the robber, but her man was facing the direction of the thieft when he carried her purse.

He did not do anything to prevent her purse from being taken which made people wonder if he deliberately allowed that happen or if he just didn’t see the man taking the bag.


Watch the video below:


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