NDA: Bandits Killed 2 Officers & Abducted 2 – Defence Headquarters

The Defence Headquarters in Abuja has confirmed that bandits breached National Defence Academy (NDA) security fences and kidnapped an officer.

The Director of Defence Information (DDI), General Benjamin Sawyerr, confirmed the incident to our reporter on Tuesday.

LEADERSHIP earlier reported that armed bandits attacked the premier defence institution in the wee hours of Tuesday, killing two officers and abducting four others.

But Sawyerr said the bandits sneaked into the NDA complex at about 0215 hours and abducted an officer and killed two other officers.

He said the operation was well planned as the bandits knew exactly who they wanted and went straight to his accommodation.

“Yes the NDA security was breached by bandits, they sneaked in at about 02:15 hours. It must have been a well planned operation. They went straight into the officers’ accommodation. They knew where they were going. They killed two officers and abducted two.

“The NDA is working closely with troops of 1 Division and NAF. So, we expect that we’ll have positive response from there soon. It is unfortunate thing. NDA is a training institution for cadets, it’s not for cadets to be carrying weapons up and down but I can assure you that NDA will address the situation,” the DDI said.

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  1. “It is not for cadets to be carrying weapons” what does that Imply? If bandits can freely kill and kidnap military officers in their abode, it means that ordinary citizens or “bloody civilians” are finished. Nigeria, what a failed state, how are the mighty falling. It is just the beginning. From secondary school to higher institutions to primary/nursery school and now military establishment. What a nation what a leadership.

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