Nigeria Removed As UAE Approves 70 Countries For Visa-On-Arrival

Nigeria has been removed from the list of countries whose residents are eligible for visa-on-arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

Etihad Airways has released a list of countries for which visas can be obtained at the airline’s immigration desks in Abu Dhabi.

The United States, China, the Maldives, France, and Russia are at the top of the list. Seychelles and Mauritius are among the African countries listed, while Nigeria is not. Visitors who have spent the previous 14 days in Nigeria or South Africa will not be allowed to enter the UAE.

The list was compiled after the UAE and Ghana signed a visa-free agreement.

On August 5, Ghana and the UAE signed a memorandum of understanding under which both nations agreed to waive diplomatic, service/special, and ordinary passport holders from entrance visa requirements if their history and behaviour comply with public and state security apparatus.

Flights to and from Lagos and Abuja were stopped by the UAE in June. Due to the country’s control over COVID-19 exposure, Emirati officials have also barred their citizens from traveling Nigeria and a few other countries.

Nigeria and the UAE have been at odds since late last year over alleged fraudulent operations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Several flight restrictions, visa bans, and the banning of Nigerians from visiting Dubai have resulted as a result of this.

The value of the Nigerian passport has decreased during President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. According to Henley and Partners, Nigeria’s passport ranks 101 out of 199, allowing its holders to visit only 46 countries without a visa.

Travellers from the following countries will receive a visa on arrival in Abu Dhabi:

• Andorra

• Argentina

• Australia

• Austria

• Bahamas

• Barbados

• Belgium

• Brazil

• Brunei

• Bulgaria

• Canada

• Chile

• Colombia

• Costa Rica

• Croatia

• Cyprus

• Czech Republic

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Honduras

• Hong Kong (SAR of China)

• Hungary

• Iceland

• Ireland

• Italy

• Japan

• Kazakhstan

• Latvia

• Liechtenstein

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malaysia

• Maldives

• Malta

• Mexico

• Monaco

• Montenegro

• Nauru

• Netherlands

• New Zealand

• Norway

• People’s Republic of China

• Peru

• Poland

• Republic of Mauritius

• Republic of El Salvador

• Portugal

• Romania

• Russian

• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

• San Marino

• Serbia

• Seychelles

• Singapore

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Solomon

• South Korea

• Spain

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• The Vatican

• Ukraine

• United Kingdom

• United States of America

• Uruguay

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