No shock when I buy Benz – Pretty lady who sells scrap metal for a living

A Nigerian lady has gone online to reveal that she sells scrap metal as a means of survival and she is not ashamed of the business.


She took pride in sharing some details about when she started the business and what she hopes to achieve when it grows.

The young woman, in a post on TikTok, uploaded a video that disclosed how the business of selling condemned aluminum went for her in the month of September.


The lady showed the bruises on parts of her hand which she sustained from packing and carrying different scrap metals around.

A part of the clip also has her showing off money she made from sales and she said that people should not be surprised when she makes enough money to buy herself a Mercedes Benz.


Social media users were impressed by her dedication and love for the job as they praised her for the hardworking spirit.

Watch the clip below:

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