Npower News Today On Deployment Page Disappearance On Nasims Portal

Npower News Today On Deployment Page Disappearance On Nasims Portal

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, news began to reach beneficiaries that the Nasims Portal Deployment page had disappeared, and why the Nasims Portal deployment page had disappeared remain a mystery to many.

Recall that a week ago, Npower management announced that the submission process for Npower Batch C-Stream 2 beneficiaries would be done manually by state officials. If you missed the update, read here. State Focal Persons Are Responsible For Npower Batch C Stream 2 Posting – Nasims

It may have something to do with the deployment page disappearing. It can be hidden so that the Nasims technical team can update the Batch C Stream 2 beneficiary posting without interruption.

Apart from the payroll page, Stream 2 beneficiaries are constantly looking for deployment updates, and the Nasims Portal deployment page usually gets the most traffic on the Nasims Portal for that reason.

The deployment Page is the section of the Nasims Portal where the following activities are performed:

  1. Record Place of Primary Assignment PPA is updated
  2. It is also where beneficiaries redeployment issues are attended
  3. The deployment page is also where deployed beneficiaries can download and print deployment letters.
  4. Acceptance letter is uploaded by beneficiaries for onward preparation of monthly stipend

So if you log into the Nasims portal and notice that the deployment page is not displayed, don’t panic. This simply means that Npower’s management team is working on some innovations for its beneficiaries. Perhaps the deployment page is under maintenance for possible new updates. N-Power also Released the Names and Phone Numbers Of All State Focal Persons.

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