Police Officers Caught With Weed, Arrested By Edo Vigilante (Video)

A vigilante group in Edo State caught two self-acclaimed police officers for transporting illicit weed locally known as “loud”, Naija360 reports.

The men who claimed to be police officers in the video, were seen in handcuff while the illicit items were discovered after a search was conducted in their car. They pleaded with those who caught them to treat them gently as they don’t rough-handle people at their station.

Watch the video below.


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  1. A lot of unbelievable crimes originated from some undisciplined the law enforcement officers.
    I recently too discovered two married naval officers male and female, male is the boss sleeping with a married female office without fear of God. The female claimed to be born again but dangerously and boldly committed adultery freely.
    The two police officers with weed men, is nothing compared to the one I mentioned above.
    No discipline, no fear of God

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