“Release Deborah’s Murderers & Reopen The College” – Chief Imam Of Sokoto

The Sokoto State Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Mansour has called on Nigerian police to quickly release those arrested over the grue-some mur-der of Deborah.

The Imam also called to immediately reopen the Shehu Shagari College of Education where the incident happened.

As Sokoto Residents Plan Mass Protest Over Police Arrest Of Suspected Killers Of Female Student, Claim Suspects Were ‘Defending Islam, Prophet Muhammad.

Post Credit: NairaLand Forum


  1. deborah Samuel’s death. those supporting her killers shall also be killed both their offsprings in the same manner and god will never have mercy on them

  2. those of u supporting the killing of this innocent girl, shall also die in the same way both ur entire ofspring. our good god will never forgive u and ur generation

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