Singer, Harrysong in shock after realizing that ladies now buy dogs for S3x

Nigerian singer, Harrison Tare Okiri, aka Harrysong has been left in a state of shock after saying he just found out that ladies use dogs as substitutes for s$x toys.

He took to his Instagram story to share an update from a conversation he had with a lady. According to him, the lady told him some women buy dogs to perform oral s$x on them.

The idea of buying a puppy is to satisfy s3xual urges when the need arises.

He wrote;

“I just had one of the weirdest conversations with a lady about the new s3x trend and pets with women now, that girls now buy poppies to give them head? Some are actually in a love/s3x relationship with dogs? what is going on? Is this for real?”

See his post below,

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