Stealing Public Funds Happens Under Buhari Govt But It’s Done Quietly — Amaechi

Speaking about the Buhari administration’s legacy, the former Rivers governor said that if there is any stealing, it is done silently under the current administration.

In an interview published on Sunday, he told the Daily Trust that the current administration has done an excellent job managing Nigeria’s resources.

According to Amaechi, during the previous administration, someone with no proven source of income may become a billionaire owing to corruption.

“I want Nigerians to be honest; can you openly take money in this government? I am not saying whether we are corrupt or not,” he said.

Let us assume we are corrupt, can you openly take money in this government? In the past governments, what happened? You can take money in the streets. Corruption was so pervasive that nobody was talking about it. It was not hidden that people completely and openly displayed their wealth.”

“Most of those who did that had nothing to do to show for it. They did not have a carpentry shop, but they were billionaires. They did not hide it; but here, if you are stealing, it is done quietly. I am not saying it is good, it is a sin punishable. In the previous government you could steal and you won’t be caught. If you were caught, there won’t be consequences. But in this government, if you steal there are consequences,” Amaechi added.

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