Suspected Cultists Strike In Ilorin, Behead Student

In Ilorin, the state capital, a student of the Kwara State Polytechnic, simply named as Olawale, was beheaded.

On Tuesday morning, the bodyless head was discovered near Ilorin’s renowned Challenge area.

The dead was also a phone repairer in Ilorin’s famed Challenge phone market, according to reports.

“Olawale left home after 8 a.m. on Monday morning,” the mother claims.

In Cross River, a man beheads his 65-year-old aunt.

“However, when he failed to return on time, which was rare for him, I repeatedly dialed his number but received no response.

“We reported the incident to the ‘A’ Division police station, as well as going to his school and searching hospitals to see if he had been in an accident,” says the officer.

However, it was while looking for him that we noticed a group of people gathering around a point along Unity Street, taking photographs. It turned out to be my son’s severed head,” sobbed the mother, who was struggling to keep her emotions in check.

Ajayi Okasanmi, the Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), told journalists over the phone that efforts to apprehend the masterminds were still underway.

Ekene Freedolin, an Imo lawmaker, describes how hoodlums razed my house and beheaded my security guard.

“On Tuesday, a bodyless head was discovered in the Challenge neighborhood of Ilorin while responding to a distress call.

“According to a police spokesman, the inquiry has so far confirmed that it was a cultist attack.

“Deceased was also a suspected cultist, and alleged student of Kwara Polytechnic,” he added.

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