Teachers Beat Me Up In School Because They Hated Fela – Femi Kuti

Iconic musician and saxophonist, Femi Kuti has talked about growing up and his memories in school.

He disclosed that school was depressing as he suffered hatred from teachers because he was the son of Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti.

Kuti said that while he expected to be treated fairly, some teachers would pass aggression on to him because of their dislike for Fela.

“School was a very depressing time for me because you had the teachers that liked him and teachers that didn’t like him so if I get into trouble with the teachers that didn’t like Fela they would beat me more because they don’t like my father,” said Femi Kuti.

“I later got to know they had a vendetta against my father. They have rich children in the same school and they didn’t like me because I was Fela’s son, they say your father smokes Indian hemp and I also tell them their father is a slave.”

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