Tstv Acquires Mytv

The indigenous direct-to-home TV service provider (TStv), says it has reached an agreement with Strong Technology Ltd. to migrate its MyTV customers on SRT 497S-HEVC decoders to the TStv Africa pay-TV platform.

In a statement issued by the perception manager, TStv, Yemi Adebowale, who disclosed this on Thursday, said TStv offers 104 high-definition channels that duly equipped My TV viewers can start enjoying immediately.

Mr Adebowale said MyTV would cease broadcasting on September 1 and due to the HEVC-encoded nature of TStv broadcasts, only SRT 497S-equipped MyTV viewers would qualify to get access to TStv channels, at this stage.

“STRONG/My TV Dealers are ready and eager to assist My TV viewers with the migration process.

“An interested SRT 497S owner will be required to pay N12,000.00 in contribution towards migration costs, including the simultaneous encryption (“simulcrypt”) of TStv channels with My TV’s encryption tools (“Conditional Access System”, or “CAS”). Against said payment, TStv will credit the new/joining subscriber’s TStv Wallet with N12,000.00, to spend, however, she/he wishes.

“The N12,000.00 payment may be completed in up to three equal payments of N4,000.00 each, over a period not exceeding six (6) months. Upon each payment, TStv will credit the subscriber’s TStv Wallet with N4,000.00, to spend however she/he wishes

“TStv offers subscribers the opportunity to enjoy Pay-Per-View, Pay-as-You-Go and A la Carte options, along with the “Pause Subscription” feature that may be activated at any time.

“A La Carte enables TStv subscribers to freely pick and choose the channels to subscribe to and pay for. TStv channels are either one naira or two naira per day, meaning you can tailor your spending to your budget, all year round. A subscriber may pause her/his subscription at any time, and as many times as she/he wishes, with a simple press of a button.”

He said that the migration process was simple and seamless, as TStv broadcasts were relayed by the same satellite used by MyTV in February 2020.

He noted that a simple blind scan of that satellite’s frequencies would tune in and store all TStv channels.

Managing Director of TStv Africa, Dr Bright Echefu, promised to migrate My TV viewers “a whole new TV experience with TStv Africa”, adding “We thank God that we have indeed delivered on our promise to Nigerians regarding our novel pay-TV offerings.

“Today, Nigerians can truly testify that TStv has implemented pay-per-view, pay-as-you-go, A La Carte and Pause Subscription. We are excited over our agreement with STRONG Technologies and look forward to serving My TV viewers.”

In agreement with Dr Echefu, the Managing Director of My TV, Mr Joseph Torbey, said “STRONG/My TV is delighted to offer viewers, as well as dealers, an alternate pay-TV service, offering a wider choice of channels and creative ways for composing one’s subscription, prepaying for it and scheduling it.

“STRONG will continue to serve Nigerian consumers with ever more innovative digital TV receiving equipment, outstanding technical support and efficient after-sales service,” he said.

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