Two Thieves Burnt To Death In Lagos (Graphic Pictures)

Two thieves who specialised on robbing people of their properties at night along Lagos -Apapa express way with the aid of bike were burnt to death on the night of Tuesday 13th July 2021.
The scene was so gory.


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  1. I think they just wanna know how it feels like to burn human beings…and I’m 100% sure those people who did did re also thielves.
    I’m so disappointed.
    The days are truely evil

  2. that’s what they really disserve, this is example to many people. may their souls continue to burn in the den of fire forever. AMEN!!

  3. Judgement is meant for God alone. We all are thieves in one way or the other. This act is wrong and should stop. Some might be innocent.

  4. only if you have experienced your loved one being shot to death in your prensence and your innocent sister raped in your front while pointing a gun at you then you know that there shouldn’t be any mercy for these animals when they are caught it would be better if they only robbed people and go away but robbing people of their belongings and still taking their lives is what leads to this jungle justice the people they might have killed are also human beings.and I personally feel that the reason for burning them is to make sure they don’t survive and to continue causing people endless bitter emotions and feelings

    throughout their life not to talk of the psychological effects it brings to mostly women and children making them live in fear amongst people with nobody to heal them of their psyche at times seeing theives being burnt like this could serve as a hope and some sort of healing for those affected by armed robbery.

  5. God will punish those people that are behind the burning of their follow human being one by one
    Ur judgment is different in heaven God is watching u

  6. Those people that are burning human being to death one day will be ur turn,it is very wrong abi prison don finish for Nigeria
    Please you people should stop this attitude itz not fair
    Your own judgment is different in heaven

  7. No evil shall go is good for them.they have caused a lot of pain to people, now is there turn to die in hell fire.well done to those who burn them.

  8. Say no to jungle justice.
    What will their family be doing right now?
    God will purnish those people who burns their fellow human being.

  9. Those behind the burning of this people have committed a crime for burning human being in this manner,they have to be arrested. This is evil, after killed them U them on fire? Pls Government should do something.they Are not animal. So their body should be keep for government to bury.

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