US-based man enraged after finding out his friend sold N4m car he sent to him in Nigeria

A young Nigerian man living in the United States has expressed disappointment in a friend who sold an expensive car he gifted him.

He revealed that he gifted the friend a Toyota Corolla, 2010 model which cost him over N4 million in purchase and shipping.

The Detroit-based man known as @Makavelli275 said he made the discovery two days ago and when he confronted the buddie, he explained that it was hardship in Nigeria that forced him to sell the ride.


According to the narrator, when he heard his friend’s reason, he hung the phone on him and refused to call back since.

He said that he knows for the fact the man was financially comfortable when he gifted him the car so it came as a surprise to hear that he sold it due to hardship.

He wrote; ”I gifted this man 2010 Toyota Camry, which cost me over N4 million (both buying & shipping), only for me to find out a couple of days ago that he’s sold it out. When I asked him why? he said he’s sorry, but that things were difficult in NGR.

I just didn’t know how to react to it. I just hung up on him, and have not called him back to this moment. That was some bullshit.”


A Twitter user, @urchilla01 pleaded on his behalf, saying; Nwanne no vex for the man. Na who don feed, take care of family, na him de fuel car.

But @Makavelli275 replied; Nwanne, e pain me gan gan. Before I gifted him the car, I knew for sure that he was not financially insolvent, so, I just couldn’t understand when things got that bad for him to an extent of him selling the car. E really pain me.

Another tweep wrote; @ZeekiHodl; I understand you may be hurt about his decision but Car maintenance in Nigeria is almost more expensive than purchasing a car

That man probably earns a salary that isn’t enough yet to feed his family, if he now adds car maintenance cost to it..he’ll be in debt. It’s not his fault.

And @Makavelli275 responded; Nah, maybe things just changed for him very recently, but before I gifted him the car, he was financially solvent, if he wasn’t, I would have just given him the money to start up business, that was why I was highly disappointed when I heard he had sold the car.

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