Video; Nnamdi Kanu Supported One Nigeria And Northerners In 2012

Nnamdi kanu was the organising committee member that organised protesters in the Uk against the killings in the north by boko haram, during that period he wanted a peaceful and one Nigeria.

This is one of Nnamdi kanu videos and protest fighting for one Nigeria in 2012.

Jack Obinyan-Buhari wrote:

Nnamdi Kanu was ALL FOR NIGERIA in 2012 (off course with his Southern brother Jonathan in power) he was one of those who led protests AGAINST BOKO HARAM to the Nigerian Embasy in London in February 2012…In short let me just quote him.

“My name is Nnamdi Kanu and the reason why we are here today, is to protest the killing of innocent women and children and men for that matter all over NIGERIA especially in the Northern Part of Nigeria”
We are not happy, we are not pleased with what is happening and that is why we are here today, as you can see there are a lot of Nigerians who are protesting about the killing of families”

“People who are determined to tear the COUNTRY apart violently and it is not something that we support, it is not something that we will like to see contmue”

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