Why Abacha Locked Me Up In Sokoto Prison – Sanusi Opens Up

Muhammadu Sanusi 11, the former Emir of Kano, has opened up on how General Sani Abacha, former military Head of State, locked him up in Sokoto Prison.

Sanusi disclosed this at a triple fold event to mark his 60th birthday.

At the event, where HHMS11 SDG challenge, a United Nations initiative which he chairs the advisory council, was launched, Sanusi said he was accused of being a threat to national security at the time.

He also made some interesting revelation about his life.

“Not many people know that between June 1995 and June 1996, I was in Sokoto prison as a threat to national security under General Abacha,” he said.

“Many of the articles in this book started after that experiment.”

Below are other issues highlighted in the book:

His love for Nigeria country and his anger at where the country should be but it is not.

How he led the first demonstration in his life at the age of 8 at St Anne’s school, Kaduna.

He has a much stronger network of support in Lagos that was why when he was deposed as Emir and when he was removed as CBN governor, he choose to go to Lagos.

His friends end up with High Blood Pressure and sleeplessness because they fear for what will happen to him.

Of all the things he is grateful for, his friends are the top most, adding that they came through for him every time he got into trouble.

A friend (name not given) has made his private jet available for all his movements making people believe that he owns the jet.

He has four wives and 13 children and grand children.

He is starting a PhD in London at 60 years of age before the end of the year to prove to his kids that they need to aspire to greater height and to contribute to public discuss as a state man.

He said he likes his wives because they say very good things about him in public even though he knows he is not so nice

He will be studying alongside 6 of his children who will be pursuing first and second degrees respectively.

He is passionate about women and girls, adding that for 50 years, the CBN appoint only 4 women as directors but he appoint 8 women as directors the same day to change the narrative.

He does not support the break up of Nigeria because he benefitted greatly from the country.

He said he would have been contended with life if all he ever attained was the Chief Risk officer of First Bank.

He said his intellectual formation has been complete long before now, citing his father, time at St Anne’s, Kings College and Ahmadu Bello University as his biggest influence.

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