Why I Am Supporting Peter Obi In The 2023 Elections – Dele Farotimi

Lawyer and activist Dele Farotimi has disclosed reason why he’s supporting Peter Obi in the 2023 presidential election.

He spoke when he appeared on the Morning Show on Monday.

According to him, he will be supporting Peter Obi based on federal Character.

According to Farotimi, “There is an issue I believe needs to be addressed, Nigeria claims to be a federation and one of the foundations of that federation is federal character. That federal character did not come recently, it’s something that has been in our constitution as far back as 1954.

“Going by that, as far as I am concerned, I cannot look beyond an Igbo candidate in this race and thanks to God there is an eminently qualified Igbo candidate in this race and that is who I will be supporting.”

However, he emphasized his support for Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress if his vote was based solely on Ideology.

He explicitly said “If we are following Ideology, I should be supporting Yele Sowore.”

Furthermore he expressed his displeasure with the NBA’s failure to invite Sowore for their Annual conference on Monday 22nd August 2022.

In his words, “The truth of the matter is that the NBA did not do well. There is no basis for instance, for the non-invitation of Omoyele Sowore. Your readiness to listen to all shades of opinion tells us just how impartial you are, but to close the door to a candidate and then begin to select others.

“If they had even invited only Atiku, Tinubu, and Obi, I might have understood that position, that maybe they’re looking at the three leading candidates but they invited the SDP gentleman.”

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