Why I left my boyfriend after he asked me to buy PS5 for him – Nigerian lady narrates

A Nigerian lady has narrated how her relationship started and ended within a short time because of a request her boyfriend made.

The young woman simply known as Oge, said her man asked her to buy Playstation 5 for him two weeks into the relationship.

According to her, the guy wanted it as a birthday gift, so he kept pestering her about the expensive game console.

Though she could not buy it for her boyfriend, he reminded her everyday by sending videos, pictures and tweets of other women gifting their men PS5.

Oge said she was forced to vanish because she could not see herself affording a PS5 which costs hundreds of thousands.

She wrote; ”Remember This Guy I Tried Dating And Two Weeks In, Baba Casually Asked Me To Get Him A Ps5 For His Birthday, From Casually, It Turned To Harassment, He Reminds Me Everyday, Sends Me Random Ps5 Pictures, Tweets And Videos Of Women Buying It For Their Men.

Omo, I Vanished. Still Wondering Why He Thought I Had That Kind Of Money 😩 More Than Half A Million Naira? Ah!”


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