Why I Want To Be President In 2023 – Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi has stated the main reason why he wants to be Nigeria’s next president.

According to Obi, the reason he is contesting for the Presidency is to serve the Nigerian people and address the poor treatment meted out to the citizens by past leaders.

He added that his desire to be President is borne out of a deep conviction that Nigerians deserve far better than they have been served by their leaders.

The former Governor of Anambra State made these known at the Lagos Business School 2022 Alumni Day in Lagos on Tuesday.

The LP candidate said it is unacceptable that bandits and terrorists kidnap Nigerians and forced them to spend weeks, months and even years in captivity without any rescue efforts.

He said: “The country should work for every citizen but regrettably currently, Nigeria works for a small minority of people; Nigeria must work for all Nigerians. First and foremost, all Nigerians must be able to dwell securely and in safety wherever they live. This is the first duty of the government, but sadly, it is one where there has been blatant failure.

“To have hundreds of Nigerians killed or maimed by terrorists, and millions of people displaced as a result of the destruction of their villages and farmlands is unacceptable.

“To have almost 20 million of our children out of school and roaming the streets is utterly unacceptable. Nigerian lives matter. Nigeria’s lives must not be wasted.”

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