Wike: Atiku Is An Elder, I Am The Most Experienced Of All The Aspirants

Seun Okin: Let me take you to the issue of the Presidential Primary, Are you ready?

Wike: If you do it today, they will announce me as the Candidate.

Seun: What gives you that confidence?

Wike: Who amongst the aspirants will beat me? It is very clear.

Seun: There are more experienced people than you.

Wike: Like who?

Seun Okin: Atiku Abubakar, Former Vice-President

Wike: How?

Seun Okin: Bukola Saraki, 2-time Governor

Wike: How?

If you put all of us together, I don’t know who is more experienced than me. There is nobody.

Nigerians have come to understand it’s no longer the way it used to be, I am North, I am South.

Seun Okin: So you are on the ground, deeply rooted?

Wike: You should know without been told, as a journalist, as a media person.

One man that can win this election for PDP is me.

Seun Okin: What about Atiku Abubakar?

Wike: I am not talking about Elders. Atiku is am elder but he too knows I am the man that can win this election for PDP.

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